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Friday, October 23, 2009

The FTC Comes Down! Is It The End of Internet Marketing?

Is this the end of internet marketing as we know it? Many internet marketers are shaking in their boots! For more than a decade the internet has been a great place to make easy money. Its one of the few environments where someone on a shoe string budget can change the outcome of financial situation and literally go head to head with large corporations. The internet has truly acted as a leveling ground giving the small guy a chance to make it big.

But not every internet marketer has good intentions, they get money hungry and throw out all character in their efforts. Money becomes a larger value to them then actually providing real value to their customers. The Federal Trade Commission has recently passed a new law that has many of these internet marketers shaking in their boots!

So the question remains, is internet marketing loosing its power. Can the small guy still make money on the internet?

I have an Exclusive One Hour Podcast from a personal friend of mine in the Internet Marketing Business. He interviews a Legal Attorney that specializes in the Internet Marketing Field over this very topic.

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