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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Great State Meltdown’ Begins Tomorrow!

What to Do BEFORE the Muni Bubble Bursts

Tomorrow, something epic will go down in 48 American states.

It might unfold differently from coast to coast. But there is one common thread: that it will be the worst day of 48 governors’ lives.

You probably won’t hear about it when you flip on your local news. But, we’ve warned readers of this day (July 1) for a month.

Yet some private citizens will not take action … or will take the wrong action.

Some will sell their retirement plans for 59 cents on the dollar. Others will sadly double-down on this toxic debt.

By now, most well-informed “sovereign” readers understand that the local governments’ ponzi schemes are about to collapse.
Today, we’ll show you what to expect when states begin to default on their debt – because that day is almost here.

We’ll also show you how to sidestep the worst of this crisis – and profit from the chaos.

History shows that when states, cities or towns default on their debt… conservative investors lose their shirts. (The average muni-bond plummets… by an average of 40.09%!)

So it’s critical that you avoid the bonds of states that are most likely to default.


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