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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Killer FTC Interview And What You Need To Know Before Selling Online!

Many of you may have heard that the internet is becoming a great place to make a little side money or even start your very own home based business. The internet is full of quality ads and equally deceptive ads. The Federal Trade Commission has finally decided to take action against the advertisers who are using misleading and deceptive tactics against the unknowing consumers.

For many small business owners this has been a very scary event simply because the word on the web is that the FTC is cracking down so hard that it is going to make honest advertising difficult. Up until this point it has been mainly speculation by many of the top experts, but now we have a chance to listen in on an interview with a member DIRECTLY from the FTC.

What better source that the source itself? :-)

So run over
to this page
and have a listen. Jim provides this interview in a video and an audio format for your added convenience.

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