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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Is There Really Money On The Internet?

Watch this video from online expert Ryan Deiss. This video will give you great insight and tips on how to make real money on the internet and the underlying concepts behind his strategy.

If your tired of working for your boss and feel like your going nowhere, maybe its time to start thinking about how you can grow yourself and your future business. We all "can" have our own online business and in my strong opinion, we all should.

The key is to have fun with it. Realize that its a process and that it takes time. Just like any hobby, time flies when your having fun. Learn to see your future business as your new fun hobby, and get to it!

Real quick watch this short video.

Now don't get so caught up in the sales pitch at the end of this next video but grab the killer insights and tips that Ryan Deiss has to share.

OK, no more reading this blog! Its time to get some real meat so go watch this video right now!

You can thank me later!

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  1. "The secrets of the rich DONT exist, because the principles aren't a secret"..

    "Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, hasty shortcuts lead to POVERTY"

    "There is NO shortcut to any place worth going".

  2. Well said!

    However the term shortcut is simply a matter of perspective. Person A might think that Option 1 is not a shortcut but Person B might think that Option 1 is a shortcut. This may be because Person A did not have the same terrible experiences as Person B did with Option 2, 3, and 4. Considering this information and how the term shortcut is really a relative term, I would have disagree with part of your statement. Now that being said, I agree with your general point that success requires real effort if you plan to keep it. After all, any non deserving person can win the lottery but how long will they be able to keep that wealth?

    Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming. :-)

  3. that's a cool video... what type of cash do you think that dude makes? the guy in the coffee shop?

  4. that was my comment above. didn't mean to be "anonymous" but there's not an option for a yahoo address> also, I haven't watched the other video yet, but what is the best approach for making money on the web? what's worked for you?

  5. The gentleman in the coffee shop is definitely a millionaire. I'm not sure if he turns a million dollars each year or not but it is definitely possible. This is a great market to be in real estate especially if you 'already' know what your doing.

    My first passion was real estate and I believe I will end up back in that market one day. Personally I think there is more money to be made on the internet (starting off anyways)and I think its easier to do if the idea of talking to people and negotiating with them seems to be a bit intimidating (real estate). I believe the smart ones will merge the two worlds together. This is one reason I like Preston.

    Here's the deal, no matter what you want to do in this world to make money I bet I wouldn't have to try very hard to convince you that the better you are at marketing the better you will do at what ever business model you want to get into. Am I right? :-)

    So why not start there, learn how to market yourself for a profit. Then take that skill and the world is your oyster. Go after what ever passion that you have, once you have this skill down. You can learn to market yourself offline or online. One of these cost a lot, is slow, more difficult to track, and is more difficult to automate. Can you guess which one that is? :-)

    We are funny creatures, we think if its not hard and difficult than it will not really work. But we equally complain about why it has to be so difficult and challenging to make money. Funny huh? It seems that we are stuck in the middle of our brains on that one. :-)

    Tell you what, sign up to my newsletter (top right) and I'll write a post just for you on this very topic. The holidays have me a bit behind the curve ball so give me a little wiggle room on the time it takes for me to write that post. If you are on my newsletter my post will go directly into your inbox. You can't beat that for delivery. :-)

    Also, if you would be so kind as to tell me how you found my blog. I love to learn about my readers.

    God Bless

    ps. You read my mind on the anonymous entry. I didn't want to say anything but I did think it. Way to read into it, you'll make a great marketer. Your already pre-stepping your market. :-)

  6. Thank you for your answer! so, what does it mean to "market yourself" you mean, just get known on the web? I'm on my mobile but will definetely register for your news letter once i get back to my mac. oh and i have a friend named mike shepherd from back home in maryland, i was trying to find his myspace so i googled him and your blog page was one of the ones that popped up. this sites on there. anyhow, thanks for the information and i look forward to your news letters.

  7. To "Market Yourself" can mean to bring your personal presence to the web.

    I personally meant it as learning to take whatever it is that you want to bring to the market and to do just that. For example if you have an interest for guitars and you want to promote in that niche, then you would need to learn how to market yourself in that marketplace. I am assuming you represent your own campaigns. This is not always the case, but it is usually the case for newbies.

    Maybe a better way to look at the phrase "market yourself" would be "learn to get what you want out of the market". Whether that's a mentor, joint venture partner, or a product to convert at a certain conversion rate.

    Thanks for the insight on how you found me.

  8. This was an incredible event. Great video too!

  9. lol. Thanks for stopping bye. Great find. :->

  10. Excellent post on how ro make money on the internet.



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