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Monday, August 17, 2009

The American Economy.. Its Safe Right?

This depends largely on what you consider to be the American Economy? Are you referring to the economy that exist within the United States or the economy that is being purchased by foreign countries at huge discounts? One spectator might very well be convinced that we are no longer able to consider ourselves an American Economy. It’s all based on ownership right? Doesn't ownership of an asset empower the owner to control that asset? Let me give you an example. Let’s say that John takes a loan from a bank to purchase his dream car but he does not physically have the title of ownership in his possession, then whose car is it really? Is it John's car or the bank's car? So why then does John run around town telling everyone 'hey look at my new BMW'? Does John really have full control of his car, as long as he still owes the bank for it?

The words we use are very powerful. If we choose to not use the correct vocabulary in our daily events, how then do we expect to identify truth from fiction on large scale events; events such as the economy?

If we accept bailout money from outside countries that have a strong interest in owning the American banking system in conjunction with an already overwhelming national debt. Is it then really still our economy? Ponder the scenario ‘what if we cannot pay back the loans’? What happens to John's car if he doesn't pay his loan back? Most of us would agree that the bank will take back John's car as collateral on the loan. What do you think will happen when we as a country cannot pay back the 11 trillion dollar national debt that we owe? Or even more frightening 'JUST THE INTEREST? You got it! The countries that loaned us the money will take their collateral to secure their holdings. This collateral is ownership in some of the major American financial institutions that play an integral part in what we call The American Economy.

What does this mean? Who can speculate? Many experts believe that our laws and rights will begin to adjust to the laws of our new owners. After all that is what they are most accustomed too. And from their perspective that is what works. After all their ways have not gotten them into our position, so their way must be right, right? So it makes sense that they would believe in their own laws and begin to enforce them.

So now let me ask you. Who is in favor of more bailouts? Who is in favor of loosing our economy to abroad? As Obama so elegantly puts it "Its Time For Change".

Let’s just hope this change is good for the US Economy and not the Global Economy.

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  1. Now thats a really great question. The united states is in better shape than the euro zone.



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