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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gas Meters - Can You Trust Them?

Often we run through our daily busy lives trying to manage the details of our life. Details such as gas meters from our trusted convenience shops often do not cross our mind as a money hole. Did you know that many convenience stores do not check their meters frequently? Did you know that many convenience stores even intentionally and fraudulently adjust their gas meters? How many times have you been taken and not even known it. In today's economy we are holding tightly to our money and it seems everyone else is trying to hold on tightly to our money as well. Spend the next month doing a little math before you drive away after filling up your tank. I recommend getting an even 10 gallons. If the price on the meter reads $2.25 per gallon then you should show a final price of $22.50.

So for now on, make a personal commitment to yourself to stop the gas meter at 1o gallons and do a quick math check before pumping more gas into your vehicle. If the math does not match up, then stop pumping gas and insist on an adjustment to the amount you have paid.

When you think of the money you can save with this little trick over the course of a year, its a great strategy to have in your toolkit. And better yet, demand that the meter be fixed and save someone else from this misfortune.

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