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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Your House Got You Down?

The industry coins that home ownership is the best investment that we can have. If its such a great investment, than why are so many people trying to get rid of it?

Lets take a look at this picture in a little more detail.

  • The government encourages home ownership because they reap large revenues from the property tax.
  • The property developers encourage home ownership because each 'sale' puts more money in their pockets.
  • Property Investors encourage home ownership because they reap in large profits from your speculation.
  • Banks encourage home ownership because of the large 'interest bearing' profits that they make from your lack of patience.
  • Employers encourage home ownership because they reap large consistent profits knowing that you are now limited in offers from their competition.
  • Insurance companies encourage home ownership because by law most homes must have insurance without limits of equity.
Are you getting the picture yet? NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU!

We all love that favorite radio station WII FM "Whats In It For Me" . If you want to know what a good investment is, then define it by leverage.

How much leverage is your house giving you? Lower taxes? Less insurance? Lower utility bills? Less labor trading work days? Lower cost maintenance? How about a bigger house? Maybe that will give you more leverage? Maybe that will put more money in your pocket? Maybe that will give you more time to learn to invest? More money reserves to multiply?

After all, property values only go up, right? Well at least your investment is protected from the risks of a bad economy, right? No chance of loosing decades of your life to a mortgage default. The banks wouldn't want to profit from your misfortune right?

Ownership does not really exist, only control does. Are you in control?

Think about it...

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