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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Glen Beck Speaks - Do You Trust Our Government?

Did you know that you may question ever logging into another government website again? Is there a workaround to this law on the books?

Watch the video below and then commit to doing government work on public computers at your local library. If you borrow someone's computer you will put them at risk. So think creatively; not selfishly.

Help to create a buzz. You may not know what you can do to fight this but someone else might. Someone else might know people that you do not. Someone else might have knowledge that you don't have. Someone else might find a passion that you cannot.

Lets work together and at the very least --> be informed!

As a side note, most of the individuals that donate cars are middle to upper class. Which means the government has the right to backup and analyze any and all information from the citizens that are more established. Protect your money by protecting your information.

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